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Character Animate

A new project using face mapping and physics to easily sawp in and out mouth drawings and head drawings without having to edit a timeline.You can find the beta version of this new project in after effects I played around a little with this and created a character similar to one found on the show south park.

What I learned

Animation Process

I learned how to effectivly learn flash through sites like

My animation took place over 14 weeks using multiple types of animation software such as toon boom and Flash.

I also experimented with character animate.

Team four star retakes off of the original series, several hours preparing altered dialog, which in turn means altering the original animation frame by frame…

This video,while a little out of date, shows great imagination, while taking Claymation to its most complicated task of telling a story that must be followed visually to understand its meaning, as it is sung in brazillian, using authentic instruments from the region and tribe themselves….